It is a well known fact that the National Character depends on the efficiency of its Educational system.  And, we Montfort Brothers are fortunately a part of this educational mission wherein we are privileged to contribute our mite in making this nation socially forward, spiritually enlightened and politically astute.  We are in the noble profession of training the youth, who contribute an important segment of the society, who are the inheritors of the cultural legacy of the country and the future leaders of this nation.  It had been a strong conviction of the founding father of the Montfortian institutions, St. Louis de Montfort, that a school should not be visualized merely as a place of formal learning but rather as a living and organic community, primarily interested in training the students in the gracious art of living.

The context of our reach out today is indeed concrete and credible.  For, on the one side we have before us the visible sign of the milestone that points to 58 years of this school’s existence, thus relishing its golden heritage of youth animation mission staying at the very heart of this tri-city. And, on the other side, from the point of credibility, we have this reality that St. Gabriel’s continues to stand tall like colossus,  noted  and preferred for imparting integral and holistic education to the youth of this milieu on the road to their empowerment and self-actualization.

At this point, I do recall to mind the following profound statement of the great Roman writer and philosopher Marcus Cicero: “What greater or better gift can we offer the Republic than to teach and instruct our youth?! Indeed, the Management & Staff today relish this profound reality that St. Gabriel’s students are spread all over this World as worthy citizens of this Global Community – a reality that gives us all  immense joy and contentment! 

Golden years of existence! And, more than ever the past, this institution continues to serve as a beacon holding the torch of literacy mission, fully credible and relevant and sought after much by the people of this locality. The Management over here has been constantly attempting at concretizing our Montfortian Vision and Mission of Holistic & Integral Education of youth thus to promote value based formation and all-round development of every child.

Historically, St. Gabriel’s High School has played a very pivotal role in imparting General Education to the youth of this locality with the salient features of both quantity (numerically) as well as quality (effective & excellent).  And, above all, ever since its inception it has served as a boon to the Catholic community of the Diocese of Hanumakonda.  We have been able to foster in them a dynamic faith, made fruitful in service.  We shall continue to further contribute to this privileged area of our call.

By sharing in the great Montfortian family educational heritage, let me assure you, then, Dear Parents, your child who has entered into the portals of St. Gabriel’s High School is bound to bloom, attaining remarkable degree of Perfection, Beauty & Grace in life!